Even That Void



It’s been a longtime coming but the post-production process for Even That Void is well underway in Tromsø. I’m heading there this week to start compiling the music and preparing for the final audio edit and mix and things couldn’t be looking rosier. 

 The film, an experimental surreal sci-fi documentary, is a bit of a new direction for the Tourist/Dojo partnership. Leaning more on the side of fiction with a heavy dose of reality, Even That Void attempts to explore the potential effects on humanity after the polar ice-caps melt. My role is a departure from my usual one as a composer. This time the shoe is on the other foot, as I am acting as music-supervisor for the project. 

 The score is also pretty experimental. Drawing on the wealth of musical talent in Northern Norway, we have commission a number of electronic artists to write a track each for the film. Their brief is simple, they are given a character, a number of location recordings and a biography of their character. They are then expected to write music they feel is appropriate for the character using only the location recordings they have been given. Sounds tricky? It is but the cool thing is that Northern Norway is home to a pretty hardcore group of ambient composers who are heavily into synthesizing sounds from location sounds!

So far, we have artists such as Lasse Marhaug, Mental Overdrive, Kohib and Le Petit Garcon all onboard with more to be confirmed. If you are already a fan of Arctic Ambient then your gonna love this soundtrack, if you’ve never heard any before then welcome to a world of sounds you’ve never heard before!


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