Tell Spring Not to Come Next Year Premieres at The Berlin International Film Festival

I have just finished composing the music and sound supervising a documentary called ‘Tell Spring Not to Come This Year’. Directed by longtime collaborator Saeed Farouky and a relative newbie Mike McEvoy. It is also worth mentioning the film was edited by Gareth Keogh who between the three of us I think we’ve made seven documentaries in the past ten years.

Shot in Afghanistan the film follows a year in the life of the Afghan National Army after the withdrawal of ISAF and NATO forces last year. We cut a short version of the film for the New York Times late last year which can be reached by clicking on the link below.

The full film, which we post produced at Goldcrest Post in NYC earlier this year, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Amnesty and Panorama Audience Award. The reception has been awesome and I’ve got to say that I’m quite proud of the score on this one. It was tough but rewarding. More importantly, I am glad that the risk the directors took in trying to bring the reality of the continuing conflict in Afghanistan into public view.

A trailer for the film can also be reached here.

Some reviews:

Cine Vue
Hollywood Reporter

For more info check:


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