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I write a tonne of music. I always have. Regardless, the benefit of writing music for picture is that it is always easy to avoid releasing anything. My friends are always pushing for me to release to no avail. Today, completely spontaneously, I have decided to correct this.

I’m not trying to be clever with this music. Some of it is weird, most of it is super-freaking-mellow. It won’t be hitting the commercial charts anytime soon. To cut a short story shorter, I went under after Brexit. Hit the studio and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid the news. I wrote some shameless chill out. It was a cathartic experience.¬†

It is worth noting that I see these tracks as an evolving playlist and am super keen to hear your thoughts. I’ll keep adding tracks as life throws it’s inevitable shit at us. There’s a link to sign up to a mailing list which will only mail you when new material is available.

You can download it by following the link below. I even cheekily added a donate button. You can have it for free without obligation but if you think it is worth something, you can alway throw us a buck. It may even spur me on to doing it again…

Feel free to share…


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