Who is Sizzlax?

Sizzlax is what happens when you fuse rich textures with tough broken breaks. We say leftfield electronica, but this is pretty genre-defying stuff from the South London producer and performer.

Joe Sizzlax has fused a soundscape that feels like it should have been unearthed eons ago. On the flip side, Sizzlax can be a brooding beast of crashing organic leftfield breaks. Listen, fall in love and look forward to more from Sizzlax in the not too distant future.

The Truth

My real name is Joe Lewis. I write music. In 2001 I built a studio and started trading as Dojo Studios. Soon after I set up a record label under the same name. Initially, I forged a career writing mixing garage records and music for documentary and television. I have written under too many pseudonyms to remember but I have a partial discography above that includes some of my favourites.

These days I pretty much write my own thing and am pretty excited about my newest material. Having been pretty active in the dubstep scene as one half of an act called Refix, I cannot help but be influenced by the genre. Currently, I’m working on a garage, downtempo, dubsteppy fusion type thing. Sound pretentious? Check the music page and make your own mind up…


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