So people are always asking me where they can find my music. The real answer is in many different places under many different guises. Consequently, I have decided to create a list of some my favourites:

Pseudonym: Sizzlax

Genre: Downtempo


The New Route EP (2004)

The Wonder Years EP (2010)

The Goodnight South London EP (2011)

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 Pseudonym: JM Lewis

JM Lewis logo

Pseudonym: JM Lewis

Genre: House
  • Waves / After (2011)
  • The Sum of Her / Indentify (2011)

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refix logo

Pseudonym: Refix

Genre: Dubstep


  • Roll On (2009)
  • Soldier / Discovery (2011)
  • Hope / Help Me (2011)
  • Minimally Conscious / Endeavour (2011)
  • Surviving feat Alice Grace / Shine (2011)

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Bipolar logo

Pseudonym: Bipolar

Genre: Drum and Bass


  • Exige / Mercenary (2011)
  • The Deal / Funkia (2011)
  • Ordinary World / Microbicide (2011)

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